The truth about why solar power is becoming popular

12 September 2021 Posted by vmotta Going Solar

Even the stars are going solar, and by stars we mean celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and many more are using the benefits of solar power and helping the environment with a different shine than theirs. But this post isn’t about Hollywood, is about why solar power is becoming so popular.

These are several facts that will help you to understand the popularity of solar power.

Solar energy isn’t an experimental technology anymore

In the past solar energy was considered as experimental science to save the planet, and beyond that, their true benefits were hidden to regular people. Homeowners and business didn’t know how to use it and its powerful advantages to improve their lifestyle and their bank accounts.

After years of development, technologies that make solar power possible are increasing and transforming energy stats around the world. Now is the fastest-growing source of new energy and comparing with sources like wind and hydropower, solar energy will double its growth in the USA by the year 2022, in accordance with an investigation from The Guardian.

Solar power went from being on lab’s rooftops to empower family homes in regular neighborhoods across the United States and Europe. The main reason? This technology has gotten cheaper and instead of representing a spending, is now an investment

It became cost-effective

Now that it isn’t an exclusive source of energy, solar power has become one of the smartest investments towards reducing electricity costs. Clean energy is now an affordable and reliable source of energy.

According to The Grid “Solar photovoltaic systems have already proven their financial viability, and their costs are rapidly declining. In utility-scale projects, for example, installed costs are about to drop below the $1000/kilowatt mark. Also, there are now plenty of solar farms in the world producing energy at prices below 5 cents/kWh, and an 800-MW project in Dubai just broke the price record for solar power at 2.99 cents/kWh”.

The main reasons that had improved the advantages of going solar and had increased its popularity are the following:

  • The lowest maintenance cost: solar panels could only require cleaning maintenance, however, is not an everyday activity and won’t impact your money.
  • Reduces the energy bill to homeowners: by using solar energy you will save money on your electricity bill. Learn the benefits of solar energy to save money
  • Homes with Solar Panels are selling out quickly: Your home value could increase about 20,000$.
  • Government Support: the federal government gives you a pretty effective benefit that will help your savings, providing you a 30% tax rebate.
  • Going green: reduces the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.

Use: solar power is everywhere not only on rooftops

Is a growing technology, new ways to make better use of energy are getting more, and more common every day and it could go from the simpler things to the most incredible ones.

Transportation: Cars, buses, planes and even roads are being powered through solar energy around the world.

Wearables and tech devices: solar panels can go with you anywhere and give power to your favorite devices like smartphones, tablets, speakers, flashlights, freezers, and GPS.

Public lighting: entire cities and communities are enjoying the benefits from solar power, reducing the costs in the expensive wires and improving the outdoor decor of properties and its surroundings.

Solar heating: water heaters, space heaters, solar-heated pools, and hot tubs, portable solar showers, solar ovens and grills, the options are limitless.

If you want a deeper look at how solar energy is becoming more popular around the world, please check The Latest Research and Data about solar power usage worldwide with a special focus on the USA. Be part of these promising stats and start investing in your future.