Solar Panel Company in Miami


Power It All Up With Core Energy Solars.

Core Energy Solar is a Certified and Licensed Solar Installation Company in Miami. We are one of the most trusted and top-rated solar power companies located in the city of Miami. With thousands of projects under our belt across South Florida.

At Core Energy Solar, a hard-working team of professionals have been undergoing the successful installation of solar panels in different areas of South Florida for many years, helping in business growth and building a solid chain of relations with its customers.

How does a Solar Panel generate Energy?

It is essential to know how a Solar Panel generates Energy. Let the phenomenon be revealed. Solar cells in solar panels harness sunlight when sun rays fall on the panel. It excites the electrons (negatively charged particles) and lets them flow in a particular direction, generating an electric current, i.e., electrical Energy. This Energy, in the form of a Direct Current (DC), is directed to an inverter, and converted into an Alternate Current (AC), which is then used to power your house.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Miami

Being a resident of Miami, Solar panel installation helps you in many ways such as:

Return on

Solar Panels aren’t expensive. In fact, there is $0 out of pocket cost for installing solar panels. Solar panels are one of the best ways to invest as statistics show that an average Florida homeowner pays off their solar panel system in 8-10 years due to significant savings on the electricity bill.

It’s Good for the Environment

According to recent studies, a typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year, the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually. Now that's an impact!

Security for Your Family’s Energy

With solar panels, you can provide electricity to your family during power outages caused by hurricanes or other natural elements known in South Florida.

Solar Energy Increases Property Value

According to Zillow, recent studies have shown that homes equipped with solar energy systems have a great property value and are favored on the market.

Expert Team of Solar Professionals in Miami

We take pride in having an expert and well-qualified team of professionals who do the job of solar panel installation quickly yet responsibly. Our experience and dedication have taken Core Energy Solar to the next level of solar power business in Miami, Florida. Our solar installation experts are committed to working according to the industry and building standards set by the Development Authorities of Miami.

Before Going Solar Make Sure that:

• Your rooftop is in suitable condition (if it needs any maintenance, then we also provide roofing services along with the solar panel installation works).

Does your roof get enough sunlight?

• Solar Panels need to be exposed to sunlight in order to produce efficiently. Make sure your roof doesn’t get a lot of shade from trees. Also, take a look at which way your home faces, Solar is best installed on your Southern, Eastern and Western roof face.

Are You Ready to get started?

Surprisingly, solar power is more affordable and way more convenient to power your home than your old utility company. Our process ensures a seamless transition to your new power source. These are our steps:


The proposal phase

Get in touch with us and one of our Energy Consultant’s will visit you for a free, no-obligation proposal and get your questions about the products, processes, or financing answered.


Site Survey

To finalize your system's design, one of our solar technicians will visit your home to check your electrical panel and measure your roof to verify installation specifications.


Permitting &

We take care of all the red tape and ensure your solar panel installation is approved by your local building department.


Installation and
System Activation

Our team of certified solar professional’s will install your solar panel system with the utmost care and precision.