Solar Energy: Cheaper and more accessible!

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18 January 2019 Posted by ikhutchi Solar Knowledge

Solar Energy: Cheaper and more accessible!
Solar Power Is Now The Cheapest Form of Energy in Almost 60 Countries

Solar energy is a reliable source of energy that can provide electricity to those who need it, with little or no impact on the environment. From communities in need to owners looking to save, everyone can benefit from this positive trend.

Climate change is a reality. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand about how we have changed our environment to improve the use and reliance on non-renewable energy resources.

But the good news is that 2018 will finally mark a change in our use of global energy. Next year we will see that wind and solar energy become the lowest cost energy generation form in the whole world.

This cost is lower than those who are interested in maintaining our planet are increasingly aligned with those who are driven by profit. The costs of solar energy and energy are decreasing every year, and today they are lower than coal. In the USA UU., A report by Lazard, the asset management firm, land-based wind energy and solar energy. Energy is leveled by eliminating subsidies.

With this great news about the state of solar energy in general, we could not be happier to welcome our solar community.

Shift the energy… Think Solar!