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SPAN Smart Panel Installation

Energy monitoring & controls

at circuit-level for your home, solar, batteries, and EVs, delivering intuitive energy management.

Smarter battery backup

based on your priorities so you can keep your options open during power outages.

Streamlined modern design

for your home with the latest technology advancements for clean energy adoption.

The electrical panel is an essential part of your home, interfacing with the grid, solar, battery storage, and everything you power.

The Span Smart Panel gives you the energy insights and controls to achieve your energy upgrade goals.b

SPAN Smart Panel | Specs & Design




The right customers for SPAN

Values control & resiliency

Homeowners who seek complete control over their energy usage and value energy security.

Passionate about sustainability

Customers who are environmentally conscious and prioritize energy-efficiency when making purchasing decisions.

At-risk for power outages

Over 4.5 million people experienced power outages in 2021; SPAN is a life-saver for customers living in outage-prone areas.

SPAN Home App Intuitive interface for home energy management


OFF-GRID MODE Backup priorities that can be adjusted any time


FAQs: Common Homeowner Questions

Span currently monitors energy consumption down to the circuit-level and allows you to tag the various devices and appliances on each circuit to create more awareness around what is driving different consumption patterns.

Span does not require any unique, smart equipment to support it and currently accepts standard 1-in residential breakers (Eaton, Square-D, Siemens Murray) that are available off the shelf at any home improvement store.

No. Span’s full set of features and services are included in the initial pricing with no additional fees required once the panel is installed.

In addition to monitoring your battery, solar and EVs, Span provides granular monitoring of home energy consumption down to the circuit-level. Span also automatically sheds non-essential loads and gives you flexibility to control how you’re using your battery power during an outage which is not available through your battery provider today.

If your internet service provider is down during an outage, Span will automatically default to its internal cellular card to allow for customer modifications, at no additional cost to the customer. If there is no cellular signal, Span will operate off its last set of instructions honoring any pre-set backup priorities. There is also a manual override that will cause Span to function as a standard electrical panel would during an outage.

You can monitor and control any sub panel downstream of Span at the aggregate panel level (not circuit level) that is rated ≤90A. For any downstream sub panel rated >90A, you can monitor the sub panel at the aggregate panel level (no control however).

Span manages the “demand” while your battery, solar and grid are the “supply”. Your battery system will allow you to implement a variety of modes (i.e., Self-powered, Backup only, Time based) that will determine when you power your home with your battery. From there you can manage the consumption of different home loads to match that schedule using your Span.

Span is well positioned for success with a significant financial runway (recently announced an additional $40MM raise) and a team of industry experts. However, in the unlikely event Span goes out of business, the panel is designed to default to function as a standard “dumb” electrical panel.

No. To any utility or AHJ, Span functions and is installed the same way that a standard electrical panel does and therefore shouldn’t require any exceptions from a permitting stand point.

Each panel is securely provisioned with a unique identifier and private key + certificate pair which ensure a panel’s communications cannot be impersonated by any other panel or IoT device. Communications to/from the panel, cloud, mobile and web apps are encrypted, and the ability to control or view any information about a homeowner’s panel is restricted to accounts associated with their panel. Span also leverages standard third party services to provide secure communications within the Span system, manage user accounts and credentials and protect customer data from unauthorized access.

Span offers a comprehensive view of a home’s energy consumption and enables customers to make informed decisions about how they use power. Span will not share any personal information with 3rd parties without a homeowner’s consent.