Is Solar Energy Becoming More Popular?

12 September 2021 Posted by vmotta Going Solar

-A Quick Overview-

Quick answer: YES!

Better answer: Solar energy is in fact becoming more popular thanks to technological advancement, low production and installation costs and federal tax breaks. Solar energy is now being acquired not only by residential areas but by businesses and other outlets.

We’ve seen a huge change over the last decade. It’s no surprise that businesses have been able to incorporate solar systems in office buildings on their rooftops as a means of reducing electrical costs. Now more than ever, family homes are converting the sun’s light into energy for personal consumption and more.


As mentioned above, there are many benefits to solar energy. Before it was a luxury to convert photons into usable power, now it’s fairly normal these days.

The federal solar tax credit is an act which has become a great incentive for many households. This particular act will run until 2021 (unless it is renewed by congress, which has happened twice now).

If that’s not enough, prices have dropped significantly since the 1970’s. Silicon PV cells which are used to make solar panels ran around $76 and now cost about 30¢ each. This huge price decline from the past 38 years or so has helped the solar industry to flourish across the country.

The costs after installations are kept very minimal. The great aspect about investing in solar energy is the fact that these energy converters are maintained with relative ease. There are no further investments for upgrades or high maintenance. Instead, solar panels are perfect because of this very fact. These technological pieces are left on their own to work their magic and produce usable energy for your home. 


It depends. And what it depends on a few things.

You must consider facts like:

  1. It’s an investment that will last you decades.
  2. It’s a technological trend that works in favor of the environment.
  3. You have control of your own electrical energy.
  4. It’s safe, renewable and clean.

 Most people put in context these 4 concepts in electrical energy and think if these align with their personal convictions. Solar energy is for the conscious investor; usually family people, environmentally aware and with long-term intentions. The great thing about solar energy is that it last a very long time. You won’t have to worry about investing money after your system is operational.  

So yes, with these key points in mind we can easily say the solar energy is a very powerful tool that contributes with many positive movements across the country (clean, self-serving energy, worthy investments and future recompense for your home or business).