How long does it take to Install my Solar Panels?

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Are you thinking about Solar and don’t know how to start? With Core Energy, the answer is simple. We have a dedicated team that will work with you from beginning to end, to create a flawless solar system design that meets your energy needs!

In order to get your Solar Panels up and running in your house or business, you’ll have to meet with Core Energy to make an appointment to go over your customized solar system design. The initial appointment takes on average, 30-45 minutes and goes over your current situation with your electrical company. In this meeting we also go over the financial and environmental benefits of making the switch to Solar.

After we explain all the outstanding benefits of solar energy and how much you can save, we get into the costs of your customized solar system design and our various financing options that we offer before you happily sign the contract.

[heading header_type=”h2″]The Solar Installation Process[/heading]

After you have decided to make the switch the process to get the Solar panels on top of your roof or business, the Solar installation process will take on average between 40-45 days. Below are the 5 easy steps it takes to complete the process. Don’t worry, we take care of every step for you and our installers work so quite and diligently that you will never notice they are there!

  1. Design and Engineering (7 – 14 days)
    After signing the contract, our experienced team will visit your establishment to get the details of the setup of your future Solar System by doing a site survey to verify that your roof is in good condition. The team will also take measurements to ensure that there is proper roof space for your solar system design.
  2. Town Permits and Materials (20 – 30 days)
    With the design confirmed, and the site survey complete, Core Energy’s dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator will get all the permits needed for the installation of the Solar Panels. The time this step takes depends on the town’s laws and permits, our team will be in touch and giving updates on the process.
    In this step we also acquire the materials needed to make your solar system
    design that include:

+ Hanwha Q Cells-is one of the world’s largest and most recognized photovoltaic (PV) manufacturers for its high-performance, high-quality solar panels.

+ Enphase Micro Inverters– Solar panels may be on top, but it’s the inverter that does all the real work by converting the solar energy from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current).

+ Enphase Monitoring System-With the Enphase monitoring system, you can track your solar energy production, monitor your solar system’s health, and share your data with family and friends, all from a simple, easy-to-use interface. Enphase monitor system also has an app that you can download on IOS and Android for on the go monitoring.

+ Tesla Powerwall – (Optional) Is a rechargeable lithium battery that stores energy produced from your Solar System. The Tesla Powerwall can be used for self-consumption, backup power, and even off-grid use.

[heading header_type=”h2″]The Installation (1 – 2 days)[/heading]

Following the approval of the town’s permits, the coordinator will get in contact to schedule your installation. The process can take one or two days, our qualified team will make a flawless installation.

[heading header_type=”h2″]Inspections and Commissioning (15 – 25 days)[/heading]

Finally, with your Solar Panels running, our team will proceed to make a quality check and attend to all the inspections by your local building department. Later on, your local utility will get rid of your old electrical meter and give PTO (permission to operate). After the test is complete, your Solar System is good to go and will start producing energy!

[heading header_type=”h2″]If you wish to learn more about Core Energy…[/heading]

Feel free to contact us at 877-267-3674, anytime to start enjoying the benefits of Solar Power, including saving on your electricity bills. If you wish to learn more, our team is perfectly capable of getting in touch with you. Residents all across Florida enjoy the benefits of Solar Power thanks to Core Energy and our experienced team.