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We know we have always had these current means with their conspiracy theories regarding solar panels and clean energy. On one hand, this is good; since solar panels are becoming more visible to those people/families/companies don't know this way of obtaining their electricity. But on the other hand, many articles denounce the high cost and...

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Is Solar Energy Becoming More Popular?

-A Quick Overview- Quick answer: YES! Better answer: Solar energy is in fact becoming more popular thanks to technological advancement, low production and installation costs and federal tax breaks. Solar energy is now being acquired not only by residential areas but by businesses and other outlets. We’ve seen a huge change over the last decade. It’s no surprise...

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Solar Energy vs Fossil Fuels: Differences, Pros/Cons and Pricing!

Let’s talk about solar energy vs traditional electricity, shall we? Specifically the pros and cons, the different prices, and what is the smartest choice for you. PROS vs CONS Here’s a condensed list of pros and cons of both solar and non-renewable energy: SOLAR POWER Pros Available to extract anywhere. It’s clean and doesn’t require expensive conversions of any former...

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