Solar Panel Company in Miami


Core Energy was conceived as a company that unites our environmental culture and the understanding of time as an essential element to support the family household.

Our beliefs in sustainable activities such as resource optimization and reduction of our energy consumption were our primary drivers to achieve this goal.



At Core Energy, we want to empower the world and help families and like yours to achieve their clean energy goals and financial independence, we want to be your best option out of all the solar companies in south Florida.
At Core Energy, we help home and business owners in Florida and all across the US to achieve their ultimate family and business goals by creating personalized, affordable and hassle-free solar energy solutions.

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Our purpose


Provide a healthy environment for you and your family. Remember, going solar means relying on clean energy and taking part in creating a better world for everyone.

Self Sustainable

Our solar system can provide enough power to sustain your homes energy needs. Say goodbye to expensive utility bills and say hello sunshine!


Did you know about 65% of the energy produced in power plants is lost in transmission by the time it gets to your home? Guess who pays for that lost energy? That’s right! You do.